Where to go to wholesale vapes. This is a question that many dealers often consider. Wholesale good vapes are a win-win for both the dealer and the manufacturer. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a good vape manufacturer. Ninety percent of vapes are produced in China, so you must choose Chinese manufacturers for wholesale vapes. Basically, the manufacturers of vapes are all in China, and China’s vape market is relatively standardized. Everyone in the market knows that China has very strict controls on vapes, and all products produced by manufacturers must be regulated, otherwise it will bring a serious blow. That’s why we want you to wholesale Chinese vapes.

how to find a vape pens manufacturer?

There are generally two ways to find wholesale vape manufacturers:

1. Find the manufacturer by googling

Googling vape manufacturers is one method many dealers use. This method is simple, fast, and very convenient to use. You only need to enter the corresponding keywords according to your needs, and you can search for the matching vape manufacturers. Under normal circumstances, if you want to wholesale vapes, it is recommended to find several vape manufacturers for price comparison and quality comparison. Identify several suppliers and ask them to provide samples for secondary comparison.

2. Search via Facebook

Generally speaking, retailers will always look for customers on Facebook. Facebook has a lot of vape dealers and of course good customers. Among them, some manufacturers are looking for distributors on facebook every day. On Facebook you can select several manufacturers and compare them.

There are two ways to find vapes. I still prefer to use Google. Google can quickly find vape manufacturers, but Facebook is relatively troublesome and takes a lot of time to find.

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