What is the reason why e-cigarettes can’t draw smoke?

If there is no smoke, it may be that the battery is dead, or there is too little oil smoke, the battery rod and the atomizer are too tight, or the battery is in poor contact.

What is the reason why e-cigarettes can't draw smoke.

Because the bottom of the pod is the condensate storage tank, there are many droplets of condensate in it. If there is too much backlog, it may cause blockage and affect normal use. Please hit the bottom of the pod on a flat table to disperse condensation. If it is blocked by condensation, take out the pod and shake it a few times, blow on the mouthpiece a few times, then wipe it off with paper and put it in to try.


The solution to the inability to smoke electronic cigarettes:

1. Check whether the atomizer has added e-liquid or too little e-liquid.

2. Check whether the battery and atomizer are connected well.

3. Check whether the power of the battery is turned on.

4. During normal use, you need to press the button to smoke normally to see if the operation is correct.

5. If there is no problem with the above 4 points, then there may be a problem with the atomizing core, and you need to contact customer service as soon as possible to solve it.

6. If there is no problem with the atomizing core, then the battery motherboard is broken and needs to be repaired.

How long can e-cigarette pods last?

One pod usually lasts 3 days. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the e-cigarette, the larger the pod, the more e-liquid stored in the pod, and the more durable the pod.

electronic cigarette cartridge
electronic cigarette cartridge

The pods of e-cigarettes are not used for a fixed period of time. Need to look at what brand of electronic cigarette. An ordinary pod can take about 180 puffs, which is equivalent to 15 packs of cigarettes. When you smoke, there is very little smoke, which means that there is almost no liquid left. The pod should be replaced at this point.

When the electronic cigarette is working, the smoke liquid in the pod is atomized into gas under the action of the atomizer, thus forming a smoke like real smoke. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the e-cigarette, the larger the pod, the more e-liquid stored in the pod, and the more durable the pod.

Precautions for the use of electronic cigarettes

1. The electronic cigarette must be charged for the first time, usually more than 4 hours. The lithium battery used in electronic cigarettes is similar to the lithium battery of mobile phones, so it should be the first deep discharge discharge.

2. After fully charged, put on a new pod, which is the cigarette holder. After the installation is completed, here is a reminder that after the ink cartridge is installed, do not use it immediately, and wait for more than 1 minute before using it. The purpose of this is to better fuse the pod’s liquid with the e-cigarette’s atomizer, which volatilizes more smoke.

3. The atomizer of the electronic cigarette should be cleaned frequently, because the non-volatile liquid will condense and adhere to it after a long time of use. After too much accumulation, it will affect the heating of the atomizer, so that the pods cannot be used normally. We can wipe it slowly with a damp cloth dipped in a little alcohol or water. It is generally recommended to clean once a week.

How many types of electronic cigarettes are there?

Electronic cigarettes can be divided into two categories: smoking sets and e-liquids.

Electronic cigarettes can be divided into vapor electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes according to the principle.

Vapor-type e-cigarettes use a nebulizer to heat a solution containing nicotine (and also nicotine-free), producing an aerosol for inhalation. Vapor-type electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: an oil tank filled with nicotine solution (electronic cigarette oil), an atomizer and a battery stick. The capacity of the oil storage tank is mostly between 0.5ml-3ml. Before use, the user needs to pre-inject the e-liquid in the oil storage tank and let it stand for 2 minutes until the e-liquid is completely immersed in the atomizer.

The atomizer is usually composed of two parts: oil storage cotton and heating wire. After the e-liquid enters the atomizer, it will be stored in the oil storage cotton. The oil storage cotton is located at a key position on the oil guide groove and is responsible for connecting and isolating the oil storage tank and the atomizer. Its size must be strictly controlled. If it is too large, the oil feeding speed of the atomizer will be too slow and it will be easy to dry and burn. If it is too small, it will not be able to completely block the oil tank, resulting in oil leakage from the atomizer; the degree of oil guiding will also affect the effect of the oil. If the oil storage cotton is too tight, it will also affect the conduction speed of the e-liquid, and if it is too loose, it may leak oil.

The heating wire is the core of the atomizer, and its function is to heat the liquid e-liquid and atomize it into inhalable gas. According to the structure and power of the heating wire, electronic cigarettes can be divided into large cigarettes and small cigarettes.

big smoke electronic cigarette

big smoke electronic cigarette

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of big smoke e-cigarettes is the large amount of smoke. The larger the amount of smoke, the more tricks you can play, and it is very popular in the cigarette market. However, in China, the group of big cigarette players has gradually become a niche, and the small cigarette electronic cigarette is considered to be a revolutionary product of the new generation of cigarettes, and it is also a category that we will focus on.

Classification of pod e-cigarettes

Classification of pod e-cigarettes
Classification of pod e-cigarettes

Like other electronic products, the use of pod e-cigarettes also follows an evolution from complex to simple. At the beginning, whether it is a large smoke or a small smoke electronic cigarette, users need to buy the e-liquid separately, and use tools such as a dropper to add the e-liquid to the oil storage tank by themselves. This method is not friendly to newbies. First of all, it is easy to buy the wrong e-liquid. Second, the filling process is cumbersome and unhygienic. Third, it is inconvenient to carry. In order to solve this problem, some pod e-cigarettes are pre-filled with e-liquid in the atomizer, and the oil storage tank is sealed, and users are not allowed to add it by themselves. This closed vaping can is vividly called “electronic cigarette bomb”, and it is thrown away when it is used up. In this way, the user does not need to refuel by himself, but only needs to replace the special pod provided by the manufacturer, which saves the tedious and responsible operation before, and is very convenient to use. The refillable e-cigarette quickly gained popularity with new users and is gradually becoming mainstream. In order to distinguish, the e-cigarettes supplemented by users themselves are called refillable e-cigarettes in the industry, and the e-cigarettes that do not need to be refilled are called refillable e-cigarettes.

In addition to the above two, there is a more thorough disposable electronic cigarette. Disposable e-cigarettes do not need to be refilled or replaced and can be discarded after use. Obviously, disposable electronic cigarettes are more convenient to use, even charging and changing bombs are saved; and compared with other types of electronic cigarettes of several hundred to several thousand yuan, the price is cheaper, generally between 20-40 yuan. Low price means lower cost of mistakes, especially in China, where e-cigarettes are just emerging, the threshold for new users is much lower, and it is easier to be accepted by the public.

Advantages of electronic cigarettes?

Long-term smoking will reduce the body’s immunity, the most harmful to the respiratory tract. When smoking, smoke enters from the mouth, through the throat, trachea, bronchi, and into the blood, which can easily cause cough diseases such as laryngitis, bronchitis, and emphysema.

Since smoking is so harmful to the body, why are there so many people who don’t quit smoking? This is because quitting smoking is not so easy, so some people try various methods to quit smoking, of which the use of electronic cigarettes is also a method. E-cigarettes are electronic products that imitate cigarettes. At first, they taste and feel the same as cigarettes, but the design is very different. E-cigarettes are products that allow users to turn nicotine into vapor through vaping and other methods.

Compared with ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have become the choice of more smokers. This is because e-cigarettes leave an aftertaste after use, which is not as pungent as traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are fragrant vapors, and the flavor can be selected according to different taste lovers, such as fruit flavor, mint flavor, etc.

E-cigarettes cost less than smoking traditional cigarettes. In general, traditional cigarettes cost about twice as much as e-cigarettes; in addition, e-cigarettes are more environmentally friendly. Generates smoke without lighting an open flame. Therefore, becoming the choice of more people who quit smoking can effectively reduce the users of ordinary cigarettes.

Are there any selection criteria for wholesale e-cigarettes?

1. Wholesale should choose high-value ones

In terms of appearance, everyone definitely wants to buy high-value ones, but the phenomenon of industry convergence is too obvious. At the beginning, everyone made round ones. Later, it became popular to make flat ones, so everyone made them flat, so choose a recognition degree. High and differentiated products, the most important thing is that the public likes them.

Electronic cigarette wholesale
Electronic cigarette wholesale

2, the amount of smoke.

The structural design of the entire electronic cigarette, the air intake, and the airflow channel. An excellent electronic cigarette design can ensure a large amount of smoke, and secondly, it can ensure the stability of the amount of smoke. It is not to say that the greater the amount of smoke, the better, and the greater the amount of smoke, the greater the heat.

3. Atomizing core

The atomizing core is the key to the taste. The amount of smoke and the softness of the taste depend on it. At present, there are two types of cotton cores and ceramic cores. Cotton has a good taste, high degree of reduction, and the ceramic core has a long life and is not easy to leak. Oil, taste a little worse than cotton wick.

4. Look at the word of mouth of players and friends

Practice is the best standard for testing truth. Before starting, if there are friends around you who use electronic cigarettes and know them well, then ask your friends in the circle, which electronic cigarettes are more reliable and easy to use.

Are all e-cigarettes made in China?

China is the main production base of electronic cigarettes in the world, accounting for about 95% of the world’s output, of which more than 90% are exported. In recent years, countries have put forward stricter testing and certification for the import, export and sales of electronic cigarettes, prompting enterprises to invest more energy in product R&D and innovation.

Chinese flag
Chinese flag

Basic overview of the electronic cigarette industry:

Electronic cigarettes are one of the new types of tobacco products. The new type of tobacco has three major characteristics: one is that it does not need to be burned; the other is to provide nicotine; the third is to produce only a small amount of second-hand smoke or no second-hand smoke.

The upstream industrial chain of the electronic cigarette industry mainly includes chip design solution providers, manufacturers of batteries, e-liquids, atomizers, screens, cotton, silk and other accessories, plastics, hardware and other raw materials, silk screen printing, packaging and other suppliers;

The midstream is the design and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, mainly including electronic cigarette manufacturers and traditional tobacco manufacturers. At present, most domestic electronic cigarette manufacturers adopt OEM and ODM business models. The average design and production cycle of an electronic cigarette product in the industry is 3 to 5 months;

The downstream of the e-cigarette industry chain mainly includes agents, distributors, retailers and end consumers. Retailers obtain products from agents and distributors and sell them to end customers.

As the market matures, the currently fragmented e-cigarette production industry will move towards consolidation in the future. In the future, companies with channel advantages are expected to rely on stable order resources to lead the industry integration and complete the layout of the entire industry chain of electronic cigarettes, so as to obtain more profits in the industry chain.

E-cigarettes reduce carcinogens by 97% than real cigarettes?

As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, and second-hand smoke from smoking has caused great harm to the health of non-smokers such as women and children. Most of the 350 million smokers in China who have tried to quit have failed. Smokers crave products that satisfy their cravings without compromising their health.

Recently, the “Good Morning, UK!” column published news that research shows that the value of e-cigarettes is much higher than that of traditional cigarettes. Researchers at University College London looked at people who smoked traditional cigarettes, those who switched to e-cigarettes and those who used nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc.). By analyzing the saliva and urine of the study subjects, the researchers found that those who had been traditional smokers had significantly lower levels of certain serious carcinogens in tobacco after switching to e-cigarettes for six months or more. For example, the carcinogen NNAL, which causes lung cancer, is 97.5% lower than the average for smokers.

In addition, as one of the most famous tobacco brands in the world, Marlboro even printed on the new packaging of its cigarettes: E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than regular cigarettes. This sentence translated into Chinese means: “E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to human health than traditional cigarettes – Public Health England (PHE).”

A company called Hmbldt in California, USA, applied electronic cigarette technology to the medical field and launched medical electronic cigarettes. This product contains essential oils extracted from plants that have been specially formulated to calm, induce drowsiness and treat complications such as insomnia and headaches. In 2016, Time magazine selected the product as one of the “25 Best Inventions” in the world in 2016.

“With the continuous development and innovation of electronic cigarette technology, the harm of electronic cigarettes to the human body will become less and less. Compared with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and nicotine and are healthier. At the same time, they will also be more in line with mass consumption. User habits and pursuit of healthy fashion.

It is reported that, as the world’s leading e-cigarette brand, Yupuz products enjoy a high reputation among consumers in many countries around the world for their stable quality, convenient use and stylish appearance. Over the past few years, YUPUZ has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in product innovation and research and development, and has always been committed to continuously meeting consumers’ growing health, fashion, and environmental protection needs, and providing global consumers with unique and attractive electronic cigarettes .

How to quit after being addicted to e-cigarettes?


Addiction to e-cigarettes is becoming more common. After all, many electronic cigarettes use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes. These two things are essentially similar. They both make you addicted to inhaling nicotine, so quitting smoking isn’t easy. It is recommended that you try the following methods.


Quitting smoking after an addiction to e-cigarettes is not easy. Many users even feel that e-cigarettes are more difficult to quit because e-cigarettes are easy to use and do not need to be lit.


Replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is only a change in the way of nicotine intake, so the essence is still nicotine dependence.

So if you want to quit smoking, you need to do a few things:

1. Willpower. If you can do it, you won’t ask questions, so I won’t say it.

2. Get used to. You can smoke anytime, anywhere. Electronic cigarettes are extremely convenient and really refreshing to smoke. So quitting this habit is key.

4. Nicotine. The dose is gradually reduced until quitting smoking.

5. Find a girlfriend who hates your vaping so much. External supervision and pressure can also have a certain effect.

Are vapes harmful to pregnant women?

How harmful are vapes to pregnant women? Because vapes contain some nicotine, expectant mothers should not be exposed to these substances, nor should they smoke vapes themselves. Long-term use of nicotine by pregnant women can affect the fetus in the womb and cause fetal developmental malformations. Long-term inhalation of nicotine in children can affect intellectual development.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


vapes contain trace amounts of nicotine and some chemicals, which still have adverse effects on pregnant women. It can lead to stillbirths and increase the likelihood of mentally retarded and deformed children.

The harm of vapes to pregnant women:

1. It affects the blood pressure and nervous system of pregnant women. The main component of vapes is nicotine, which is very harmful to pregnant women, the most important of which is the damage to blood pressure and nervous system. If the pregnant woman is unhealthy, the fetus can also be affected.

2. Give birth to mentally handicapped children. Carbon monoxide in vapes will combine with hemoglobin in the blood of pregnant women, thereby affecting the transport of oxygen in the blood and reducing the oxygen content in the blood. Most of the oxygen needed by the fetus is provided by the blood transport of the pregnant woman. The fetus is deprived of oxygen in the mother’s body, which can easily lead to intellectual disability.

3, fetal malformations. After the chemicals in vapes enter the body of pregnant women, it will affect the metabolism of pregnant women, affect the synthesis of fetal DNA and protein, and cause fetal malformations.

Are vapes harmful to the fetus?

Many people believe that vapes are less harmful and that smoking can be done even when pregnant. However, although vapes do not contain tobacco, they also contain nicotine, because nicotine is harmful and can affect the fetus through the blood circulation. Therefore, for girls who like to smoke, they must strictly quit smoking and conduct regular prenatal examinations to ensure that the fetus is born healthy and safe. For women who have the habit of smoking, they must strictly quit smoking after pregnancy, because smoking will seriously affect the development and growth of the fetus, greatly increasing the possibility of fetal malformation and miscarriage. Even with vapes, pregnant women cannot smoke, we should be responsible for ourselves and the fetus, and strive to ensure that the baby is born healthy and safe.
Because vapes do not contain tobacco and are less harmful than real cigarettes, many people think that vapes can be smoked after pregnancy. This is wrong, because vapes contain nicotine, a harmful ingredient that has a great influence and will spread to the blood throughout the body. , also into the fetus, thereby seriously affecting the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, for women who have the habit of smoking, there can be no luck. During pregnancy, it is necessary to strictly quit smoking and do not smoke vapes to ensure the health and safety of the baby. The nicotine in vapes acts on the central nervous system, excites the nervous system, and constricts blood vessels, which may cause placental dystrophy, have a great impact on fetal growth, lead to fetal development, and even lead to stillbirth.

Newbie question about vapes?

People who are just starting to use vapes will inevitably encounter some problems, big and small, in the process of using vapes, and they must ask why in everything. Today, I will solve your doubts with a few small questions, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Newbie question about vapes?
Newbie question about vapes?

Q: Why does the vape make a sound when it works?

A: The working principle of the vape is to evaporate the liquid into smoke through the high temperature heating of the atomizing head.

Q: Why did I cough when I was exposed to vapes for the first time?

A: Some users suffocate and cough when they are exposed to vapes for the first time. After excluding the e-liquid concentration and atomizing head, the possible reason is that the user has not been exposed to vapes before, and there is no tar in the vapes. It will be thicker than real smoke, so you have to get used to it slowly and drink more water after smoking it for a long time.

Q: Why is the smoke of vapes sweet?

A: The liquid of vape is prepared according to the formula. Because there is no open flame, there is no bitter taste like real smoke. The liquid ingredients are all slightly sweet, so when you smoke it, it will feel a little sweet.

Q: Why does the smoking device feel hot when using vapes?

A: The working principle of the vape is to supply power from the battery, heat the heating wire in the atomizing head, and then evaporate the smoke liquid into smoke. When working, the heat of the atomizing head will be dissipated, and the metal body of the smoking device has thermal conductivity, and the heat will be dissipated and conducted out. The faster the puff frequency, the more pronounced the heating of the smoking device.

Q: Why is there liquid in the place where the cigarette holder is installed after smoking for a period of time?

A: The smoke of vapes is produced by high temperature evaporation. When the smoke comes out through the air channel in the middle, it condenses and forms condensate, just like the water vapor coming out when boiling water meets the liquid that condenses on the lid of the pot. .Just wipe the interface with a tissue.


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