Electronic cigarettes can be divided into two categories: smoking sets and e-liquids.

Electronic cigarettes can be divided into vapor electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes according to the principle.

Vapor-type e-cigarettes use a nebulizer to heat a solution containing nicotine (and also nicotine-free), producing an aerosol for inhalation. Vapor-type electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: an oil tank filled with nicotine solution (electronic cigarette oil), an atomizer and a battery stick. The capacity of the oil storage tank is mostly between 0.5ml-3ml. Before use, the user needs to pre-inject the e-liquid in the oil storage tank and let it stand for 2 minutes until the e-liquid is completely immersed in the atomizer.

The atomizer is usually composed of two parts: oil storage cotton and heating wire. After the e-liquid enters the atomizer, it will be stored in the oil storage cotton. The oil storage cotton is located at a key position on the oil guide groove and is responsible for connecting and isolating the oil storage tank and the atomizer. Its size must be strictly controlled. If it is too large, the oil feeding speed of the atomizer will be too slow and it will be easy to dry and burn. If it is too small, it will not be able to completely block the oil tank, resulting in oil leakage from the atomizer; the degree of oil guiding will also affect the effect of the oil. If the oil storage cotton is too tight, it will also affect the conduction speed of the e-liquid, and if it is too loose, it may leak oil.

The heating wire is the core of the atomizer, and its function is to heat the liquid e-liquid and atomize it into inhalable gas. According to the structure and power of the heating wire, electronic cigarettes can be divided into large cigarettes and small cigarettes.

big smoke electronic cigarette

big smoke electronic cigarette

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of big smoke e-cigarettes is the large amount of smoke. The larger the amount of smoke, the more tricks you can play, and it is very popular in the cigarette market. However, in China, the group of big cigarette players has gradually become a niche, and the small cigarette electronic cigarette is considered to be a revolutionary product of the new generation of cigarettes, and it is also a category that we will focus on.

Classification of pod e-cigarettes

Classification of pod e-cigarettes
Classification of pod e-cigarettes

Like other electronic products, the use of pod e-cigarettes also follows an evolution from complex to simple. At the beginning, whether it is a large smoke or a small smoke electronic cigarette, users need to buy the e-liquid separately, and use tools such as a dropper to add the e-liquid to the oil storage tank by themselves. This method is not friendly to newbies. First of all, it is easy to buy the wrong e-liquid. Second, the filling process is cumbersome and unhygienic. Third, it is inconvenient to carry. In order to solve this problem, some pod e-cigarettes are pre-filled with e-liquid in the atomizer, and the oil storage tank is sealed, and users are not allowed to add it by themselves. This closed vaping can is vividly called “electronic cigarette bomb”, and it is thrown away when it is used up. In this way, the user does not need to refuel by himself, but only needs to replace the special pod provided by the manufacturer, which saves the tedious and responsible operation before, and is very convenient to use. The refillable e-cigarette quickly gained popularity with new users and is gradually becoming mainstream. In order to distinguish, the e-cigarettes supplemented by users themselves are called refillable e-cigarettes in the industry, and the e-cigarettes that do not need to be refilled are called refillable e-cigarettes.

In addition to the above two, there is a more thorough disposable electronic cigarette. Disposable e-cigarettes do not need to be refilled or replaced and can be discarded after use. Obviously, disposable electronic cigarettes are more convenient to use, even charging and changing bombs are saved; and compared with other types of electronic cigarettes of several hundred to several thousand yuan, the price is cheaper, generally between 20-40 yuan. Low price means lower cost of mistakes, especially in China, where e-cigarettes are just emerging, the threshold for new users is much lower, and it is easier to be accepted by the public.

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