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  specialized in Vapes,who is focus on Custom Vapes and Vapes Wholesale. There are many partners all over the world . Importantly,we have professional vape designers who can make products that satisfy you according to your requirements.

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E-cigarette customization service

1、Choose one of our vapes products and make your favorite products according to your favorite patterns.

2、Provide your own ideas and let our professional product designers make the vapes products you want, 1:1 restore the drawings.

3、Custom vapes, we use the drawings you provide to make the electronic cigarettes you want, and the products are 1:1 restoration.


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    We have many years of experience in vapes production, and we have excellent vapes designers. If you want to custom vapes, please follow the process below. Or click below to contact us.

How to Customize Electronic Cigarettes 

Partners who use our products

I like your products, they work well, I have been using your products for many years, and I have bought many of your e-cigarettes. My favorite flavor is watermelon, because my favorite fruit is watermelon. I will recommend your products to my friends.
Wow what a cool e-cigarette, love it so much, I love this product, every time I use it, I feel like I am unique and it looks cool.
For my coming-of-age gift, I gave me your product as a gift. When I received the gift, I immediately opened the product. I especially like the appearance of the product, it looks cool, I like it very much, When I use this product, it means I have grown up.
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How long does it take to customize e-cigarettes?

It is determined according to the number of customizations. The more the number is, the longer the customization time will be, and it also depends on whether the customized products are complicated.For details, please contact us.

Can you help me draw product drawings?

No problem, I can do it.

What is electronic cigarette customization?

Our shipping address is in China, our partners are all over the world, our products can be shipped anywhere in the world, and of course we can also ship to the United States.

I want to buy your products, but I want to post my own brand, is that ok?

No problem, we are a factory specializing in electronic cigarettes, we can make your favorite patterns and shapes according to the look you want, including sticking your own brand.

How should I contact you?

You can contact us through the form on the website or by email. When we see your message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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Exit of Shuanglong Metro, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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