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Ordinary disposable electronic cigarettes can be smoked 200-400 times with the mouth, and 400 times is equal to 20 ordinary cigarettes. According to the smoking method of ordinary people, it can be used for two days.

There are two types of electronic cigarettes, one is reusable, the other is non-reusable, and the non-reusable is one-time use, which should be thrown away after use.


Disposable electronic cigarettes cannot be recharged. Generally, the oil is used up first, so don’t worry.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that beginners do not smoke electronic cigarettes. Both electronic cigarettes and cigarettes are not good for the body. If you have considered it clearly, it is recommended that you use e cigarette starter kit.

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Delivery generally takes time, buy conventional products, delivery time 3-7 days

Our shipping address is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

I don’t know how many days it takes to customize a product. The customization depends on what material is used for customization. The requirements are different, and the customization time is also different.

No problem, we can customize it using your brand.

We are a wholesaler, I suggest that people who want to buy electronic cigarettes can buy it where my customers are, which is more convenient.


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