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We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes, mainly in the wholesale of electronic cigarettes. We have a professional service team, a professional sales team and a professional processing master, and the product processing equipment is perfect, and the accumulation of years of experience in the production of electronic cigarettes , has created high-quality electronic cigarette products. For manufacturers, good quality is the correct development of manufacturers. We have never forgotten the optimization of product quality and service. After so many years, our quality and service are far Higher than our peers, with the support of our dealers, our development is getting better and better.

Business Scope

Disposable electronic vape: Provide wholesale of disposable electronic vape, a variety of styles, any choice, you can choose different flavors and colors.

Vape Starter Kit: Various types of novice starter electronic cigarette kits, which can be charged and pods can be removed.

Customized Vapes:Professional designers provide online services, designers can provide solutions upon request until the dealer is satisfied. You can use your own brand.

Provide various accessories for vapes.


How to choose a quality e-cigarette manufacturer

In today’s society, competition among vape dealers has begun to transform into competition among suppliers. The products produced by suppliers will directly affect the sales volume of dealers, and suppliers will affect the success or failure of downstream dealers in terms of delivery, product quality, delivery time, inventory level, product design, etc. And the quality and price of the supplier’s products will determine the quality and price of consumers, which will seriously affect the sales of dealers, so it is very important to choose a high-quality electronic cigarette manufacturer.
What factors should be considered when choosing an vape manufacturer?
1. Quality factor

Quality is the survival of manufacturers and distributors. The use value of vapes is based on product quality, which determines the quality of final consumer goods and affects the market competitiveness and market share of products. Therefore, quality is an important factor in choosing a supplier.

2. Price factor
Low prices mean that dealers can reduce production and operation costs, which play a significant role in improving corporate competitiveness and increasing profits, and are an important factor in selecting suppliers. However, the supplier with the lowest price is not necessarily the most suitable supplier, and many factors such as product quality, delivery time, transportation cost, etc. need to be considered.

3. On-time delivery factor

Whether the product can be delivered on time at the agreed time and place directly affects the continuity of the production and supply activities of the enterprise. It will also affect the inventory level at all levels of the supply chain, which in turn affects the company’s response speed to the market, interrupting the production plan of manufacturers and the sales plans of sellers.

4 .Variety elasticity coefficient

In order to survive and develop in the fierce competition, the products produced by the manufacturer must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers, and achieve the purpose of occupying the market and gaining profits. Product diversification is based on the flexibility of suppliers, which determines the variety of consumer goods.

5. Other influencing factors

Including design ability, special process ability, overall service level, project management ability and other factors.

Among the four, the quality factor is the most important, and good products will drive sales.

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