People who are just starting to use vapes will inevitably encounter some problems, big and small, in the process of using vapes, and they must ask why in everything. Today, I will solve your doubts with a few small questions, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Newbie question about vapes?
Newbie question about vapes?

Q: Why does the vape make a sound when it works?

A: The working principle of the vape is to evaporate the liquid into smoke through the high temperature heating of the atomizing head.

Q: Why did I cough when I was exposed to vapes for the first time?

A: Some users suffocate and cough when they are exposed to vapes for the first time. After excluding the e-liquid concentration and atomizing head, the possible reason is that the user has not been exposed to vapes before, and there is no tar in the vapes. It will be thicker than real smoke, so you have to get used to it slowly and drink more water after smoking it for a long time.

Q: Why is the smoke of vapes sweet?

A: The liquid of vape is prepared according to the formula. Because there is no open flame, there is no bitter taste like real smoke. The liquid ingredients are all slightly sweet, so when you smoke it, it will feel a little sweet.

Q: Why does the smoking device feel hot when using vapes?

A: The working principle of the vape is to supply power from the battery, heat the heating wire in the atomizing head, and then evaporate the smoke liquid into smoke. When working, the heat of the atomizing head will be dissipated, and the metal body of the smoking device has thermal conductivity, and the heat will be dissipated and conducted out. The faster the puff frequency, the more pronounced the heating of the smoking device.

Q: Why is there liquid in the place where the cigarette holder is installed after smoking for a period of time?

A: The smoke of vapes is produced by high temperature evaporation. When the smoke comes out through the air channel in the middle, it condenses and forms condensate, just like the water vapor coming out when boiling water meets the liquid that condenses on the lid of the pot. .Just wipe the interface with a tissue.

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