How harmful are vapes to pregnant women? Because vapes contain some nicotine, expectant mothers should not be exposed to these substances, nor should they smoke vapes themselves. Long-term use of nicotine by pregnant women can affect the fetus in the womb and cause fetal developmental malformations. Long-term inhalation of nicotine in children can affect intellectual development.

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vapes contain trace amounts of nicotine and some chemicals, which still have adverse effects on pregnant women. It can lead to stillbirths and increase the likelihood of mentally retarded and deformed children.

The harm of vapes to pregnant women:

1. It affects the blood pressure and nervous system of pregnant women. The main component of vapes is nicotine, which is very harmful to pregnant women, the most important of which is the damage to blood pressure and nervous system. If the pregnant woman is unhealthy, the fetus can also be affected.

2. Give birth to mentally handicapped children. Carbon monoxide in vapes will combine with hemoglobin in the blood of pregnant women, thereby affecting the transport of oxygen in the blood and reducing the oxygen content in the blood. Most of the oxygen needed by the fetus is provided by the blood transport of the pregnant woman. The fetus is deprived of oxygen in the mother’s body, which can easily lead to intellectual disability.

3, fetal malformations. After the chemicals in vapes enter the body of pregnant women, it will affect the metabolism of pregnant women, affect the synthesis of fetal DNA and protein, and cause fetal malformations.

Are vapes harmful to the fetus?

Many people believe that vapes are less harmful and that smoking can be done even when pregnant. However, although vapes do not contain tobacco, they also contain nicotine, because nicotine is harmful and can affect the fetus through the blood circulation. Therefore, for girls who like to smoke, they must strictly quit smoking and conduct regular prenatal examinations to ensure that the fetus is born healthy and safe. For women who have the habit of smoking, they must strictly quit smoking after pregnancy, because smoking will seriously affect the development and growth of the fetus, greatly increasing the possibility of fetal malformation and miscarriage. Even with vapes, pregnant women cannot smoke, we should be responsible for ourselves and the fetus, and strive to ensure that the baby is born healthy and safe.
Because vapes do not contain tobacco and are less harmful than real cigarettes, many people think that vapes can be smoked after pregnancy. This is wrong, because vapes contain nicotine, a harmful ingredient that has a great influence and will spread to the blood throughout the body. , also into the fetus, thereby seriously affecting the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, for women who have the habit of smoking, there can be no luck. During pregnancy, it is necessary to strictly quit smoking and do not smoke vapes to ensure the health and safety of the baby. The nicotine in vapes acts on the central nervous system, excites the nervous system, and constricts blood vessels, which may cause placental dystrophy, have a great impact on fetal growth, lead to fetal development, and even lead to stillbirth.

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