do vape pen manufacturers matter?

do vape pen manufacturers matter?

A good vape supplier is more important than a bank. If you go to a bank to get a loan, you need to find a relationship, but you may not be able to get the loan, the interest is not low, and if you don’t repay when it is due, you have to sue you! And suppliers, as long as you are honest, will support you without hesitation! Buyers, please be kind to your vape suppliers, especially those who are willing to pay you arrears, and those who are willing to support your suppliers from small to large.

01. Very few companies use e-cigarette suppliers as partners

Big companies are in absolute dominance, deciding whether to take orders for you and how much money they make for you. It is in this relationship that few companies are able to see suppliers as partners. Most vape dealers see themselves as gods who can suppress their suppliers. Therefore, such dealer e-cigarette suppliers are reluctant to cooperate with them.

02. It would be nice to have basic respect for vape suppliers

In fact, in reality, there is no need to mention anything to eat, and it would be nice to have basic respect for vape suppliers! Let’s take a look at various upstream and downstream relationships in reality. The following situations abound.

1. Some vape dealers gather together many vape suppliers, let them go around, let them proof again and again, and communicate with each other again and again. Vape suppliers spend a lot of manpower and material resources, but in the end they only serve as a foil in the procurement game;

2. The contract signed after repeated communication, but when the electronic cigarette supplier started production preparation and investment, he suddenly changed his mind and did not perform the contract;

3. In the project acceptance stage, if the acceptance is delayed due to various reasons, either the leader will be absent, or wait for the meeting to decide, or need to observe again;

4. If you choose cheap products, faults will be found later. The feature is not available and the performance is poor. You will complain and come back at every turn;

5. Withholding payment for various reasons, even if you are rich, will exhibit various high levels of delinquency and delinquency…

03. When cooperation becomes a battle of wits and courage, both parties suffer

In reality, there are still many such companies, vape suppliers waste a lot of time and energy on these things, and good cooperation has turned into a battle of wits.
For the powerful big-brand vape suppliers, after dealing with such unscrupulous dealers, they know that there are deep and shallow waters, and soon people will stop playing with such companies.

And if it is a small vape supplier, it is easier for them to compromise, and the price drops again and again. Tragically, these small suppliers are killed like this! All vape suppliers went out of business. Are you still looking forward to the follow-up service and guarantee of your purchase?

Taking such a temporary advantage, taking such a small advantage, taking such a large advantage, the reputation of this kind of dealer will be ruined, and no one will be willing to cooperate with it.

04. Standing together through thick and thin, can last for a long time

Why not return to normal business relationships and emphasize win-win cooperation? Treating suppliers as partners can actually get more focused support from vape suppliers.

It can be said that vape suppliers are real experts in the field, and the development of distributors is inseparable from the strong support of vape suppliers’ technologies and solutions. Vape suppliers also have a lot of resources in the industry, and good relationships are also conducive to resource sharing and establish a good reputation in the industry. If you think about it from another angle, you will find that vape suppliers are not only making money on you, they are also partners who help you make money.

After all, all tricks don’t last long. Befriending an vape supplier is the best option.

05、Be kind to vape suppliers to succeed.

The ability of vape suppliers to provide high-quality products and services stems from the investment of vape suppliers in research and development, production, sales, after-sales, management, and employee quality. In the final analysis, the duty of the vape supplier is the first guarantee of the final result.
In reality, the buyer either reduces the price of the vape supplier or defaults on payment, let alone respect. Win-win is just empty talk. Low prices and defaults affect supplier profits. How does he guarantee continued investment?

The competition in the future is the competition between the industrial chain and the industrial chain. Unlike the competition between dealers, the competition between the industrial chains is more brutal. Distributors should adjust the procurement supplier system, absorb and introduce more advanced supplier management concepts, and advocate a win-win situation.

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