Generally, the process of wholesale vape pens is the same as that of ordinary vapes. They all get their goods from vape manufacturers. Of course, there are also some retailers who choose big brands as agents. Of course, buying directly from big brands is relatively straightforward. Direct wholesale is enough, it is not so complicated, of course, the profit will be lower, if you want to get more profit, you still have to get the goods from the manufacturer.

how to find a vape pens manufacturer?
Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

Today, I will explain to you how to choose a suitable wholesale vape manufacturer?

1. Manufacturers supply:

Regular manufacturers have sufficient supply and good attitude. If you wholesale vape pens for a long time, the general price will be more favorable. However, in general, choosing vape manufacturers to wholesale a large number is not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough capital reserves, there is no danger of overstocking or you are not afraid of overstocking, then go to the electronic cigarette manufacturer for wholesale.

2. Large vape wholesalers:

    Advantages: It is relatively easy to find. Generally, you can find many vape wholesalers with Google. Generally, it is directly supplied by the manufacturer, and the supply is relatively stable. The wholesale price of vapes is also cheaper.

   Disadvantages: Because it is relatively large and there are many orders, it is inevitable that the service sometimes cannot keep up. And they usually have regular repeat customers, so if you don’t have customers, it’s hard for you to negotiate with them. Unless you wholesale vapes in bulk and become one of his big customers, it’s hard for you to get a special discount. However, the service of large wholesalers is still relatively good. It is understandable that the more vape orders, the slower the delivery, as long as we place an order a little in advance, it can be solved.

3. New vape wholesalers:

Advantages: Retailers of general vapes have reached a certain level. After understanding the supply and demand in this industry, retailers will consider becoming an vape manufacturer. Since this type of vape wholesalers has just started, there are no fixed wholesale customers, and the popularity is not high. In order to win customers, prices are generally not very high, and some items are even priced below the prices of big wholesalers. You can also negotiate terms with them based on your buying experience, such as price and replacement issues. It’s okay if they don’t agree with your terms, but maybe they do, or you can take a middle ground. And in order to win repeat customers, their after-sales service is generally better.

Disadvantages: Because it is a new vape wholesaler, everyone should know their integrity.

For their assessment, you can also ask them to issue their own credit.

4. About the price

According to my personal experience, every vape wholesaler will have flagship products, and these products generally have certain advantages in price. They tend to lower the prices of some of these vaping products to grab the attention of customers and thus drive sales of other products. If you don’t mind the hassle, you can find multiple wholesalers to wholesale their vaping products to grab your customers’ attention. If you feel troublesome, you should find an electronic cigarette wholesaler with good after-sales service. Otherwise, the cost you waste when you replace the product will be far greater than the cost you save when you buy it.

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