How dealers identify vape factories and trading companies

People in the vape business, especially those engaged in the foreign trade of vapes, often encounter others who say they are factories. Some trading companies trick customers into saying they are factories and their products in order to get good prices. It is a factory direct sale, which can solve all problems for the manufacturer, but generally after signing a contract, many problems cannot be solved. Many vape dealers do not know how to tell the authenticity of the factory.
So how to distinguish vape factories and trading companies?
1. Check the company information according to the company name on the website. Generally speaking, if the address found is different from what was actually told to you, there is a good chance that it is a trading company.
2. Check whether the website information is comprehensive and whether the website is very professional. If the site is not doing well, it is likely a trader.
3. Observe whether it is an vape manufacturer according to the vape quotation. Generally, the quotations of large vape factories are relatively low, and trading companies will increase the price a lot. Therefore, if you want to wholesale vapes, you must source them from factories. .
4. If the MOQ is relatively large, you can visit the vape factory when you have time. If the other party does not agree to come to the door, it is likely to be a trading company.
5. Consult vape manufacturers online to understand some vape qualifications. Usually, these trading companies cannot cheat.
6. See if we can provide after-sales service. Under normal circumstances, many physical manufacturers will provide after-sales service.