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We are an vape manufacturer. Welcome to our website. Our vape factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Many vape dealers know that 90% of the world’s e-cigarettes are made in China. It is often said that Shenzhen has three major manufacturers of mobile phones, drones and vapes. Shenzhen, as a port open to the outside world, is relatively well-known in the world.
vapes produced by Shenzhen manufacturers are sold all over the world. According to domestic surveys, there are nearly 10,000 vape companies in Shenzhen. Among so many companies, a large part are manufacturers, so their electronic cigarettes mainly focus on electronic cigarette wholesale and electronic cigarette customization.
We have a professional vape customization team, which can be designed according to our own requirements and can be produced in a 1:1 ratio.


We are an vape manufacturer, an vape product manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. As of today, after several years of development, we have achieved impressive results in the field of electronic cigarette product manufacturing, with an annual turnover of Over 100 million yuan, we have established business cooperation with more than 200 dealers, and stable high-end customer resources have laid a good foundation for the stability of the company’s performance and future development.

Our factory is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The factory covers a total area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, of which 2,000 square meters is a thousand-level dust-free workshop. There are more than 200 employees, including a professional technical team with more than 30 people. The R&D team has a number of independent R&D intellectual property rights.

With this sensitivity to market changes and customer needs, we can provide customers with more cost-effective vape products while continuously reducing our own costs, and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win situation. Today, with leading technology and quality products, our reputation in the industry is growing, but we know that with great power comes great responsibility. We will always insist on putting the needs of users in the first place, continue to develop and develop better vape products, and serve our customers and friends.