custom chipset vape parts

Vape accessories customization, we are a professional manufacturer, dedicated to the development, production, surface treatment, etc. of vape product hardware, we provide one-stop service, our factory has worked in the vape industry for many years, many years of CNC processing and Surface treatment work experience, can provide customers with good processing services according to customer needs.
We have advanced vape processing equipment and a professional vape technical team. The production equipment is excellent, and the processing equipment has introduced the world’s advanced equipment.
We have professional vape quality inspectors with many years of experience in vape quality management.
We integrate the resources of vapes, from product accessories to sales of finished vapes, all of which are produced by ourselves, so if you want to customize vapes, you can find us to cooperate, we provide a full range of services.



Customization requirements for vape accessories:

custom chipset vape parts
custom chipset vape parts

1. What is the minimum batch for customized vape processing, and how to calculate the proofing fee?
A: The minimum order quantity of vapes is subject to sales communication and negotiation. Proofing is usually more expensive because it is impossible to ask the material supplier for a small piece of material, as well as CNC, wire cutting and programming during material production. Impossible to be as convenient as mass production.
2. Why do some vape manufacturers offer high prices and some manufacturers offer low prices?
A: Each factory has its own mode of operation. Although the mechanical processing equipment is similar, the workmanship and responsibilities are different. Cost-effectiveness cannot be determined solely by price or size. Any product that is divorced from quality and service is a one-off and will not last. We only make the best products and use the best service to make every customer become our long-term customer.

You must choose a good supplier for customized vape parts. If you have any questions about vapes, you can contact us by email (