custom disposable vape pen

Are you looking for a custom disposable vape pen, we are a custom manufacturer of vape pens, since the establishment of our factory, we have been insisting on making high-quality vape products, and we provide all partners with the best quality products and services , Over the years, we have been continuously pursuing the improvement of the quality of vapes. Through our years of improvement, our vape pens have been recognized by our partners, and the quality of our vapes has been greatly improved after years of hard work.

At present, our company has several vape processing equipment, which can fully meet the needs of wholesalers for the wholesale of vapes. We have a special vape processing and purification workshop, and many vape designers engaged in the vape industry. Production customization, our raw materials are purchased through formal channels, and the best materials are selected. The quality of all accessories of vapes is guaranteed. We have always paid great attention to quality, and we will carry out strict measures for each vape. Quality inspection ensures that every vape delivered to customers is the most qualified product.
From the design of vapes to the selection of materials, we will strictly carry out each step, and we will do our best to complete each step, so the production pass rate of our vape products has always been very high, and we can achieve a pass rate of 99.9%. After the product is produced, it will pass the quality inspection of the quality inspector, so basically the defect rate of the product delivered to the customer can reach 0%.

Not only that, we have a complete after-sales service for disposable vape pens. From the receipt of orders for disposable vape products to the final after-sales service, we provide one-stop service. No matter what questions you have, our professional customer service staff will help you. Solve all problems.



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Benefits of Disposable Vape Pens

For smokers who often smoke vapes, they must have heard of disposable vape pens. Many friends are curious about the launch of disposable vape pens. Disposable vape pens are favored by many people, because disposable vape pens have many benefits, so what are the benefits? Let me introduce to you below.


What are the benefits of disposable vape pens?


1. Easy to carry


Disposable vape pens do not need to be charged and replaced, and smokers only need to carry vape pens when they go out, without carrying heavy chargers and other accessories.


2. More stable performance


Due to the fully enclosed design of the disposable vape pen, operations such as charging and replacing cartridges are reduced, and the occurrence of failures is also reduced. The cigarette pen is completely solved here.


3. Smoke liquidMore


The liquid capacity of the disposable vape pen can reach about 2~3 packs of cigarettes, and the battery life is longer.


4. The battery is stronger

For a general rechargeable vape pen, each cartridge needs to be charged at least once, and the battery efficiency is extremely low, which is equivalent to charging once every 5-8 cigarettes. And, if you don’t use a rechargeable vape pen, after about 2 months, the vape pen can no longer be used at all. In contrast, disposable e-cigarette pens have powerful batteries that can support more than 40 regular cigarettes. Moreover, if the disposable vape pen is idle, the use of the vape pen battery will not be affected within 1 year, and the battery impact will not exceed 10% within 2 years.


5, the price is cheap

Compared with rechargeable vape pens and mechanical vape pens, the price of disposable vape pens is much lower, and its applicable customer group is also larger than the former two. Cheap is also the last word for ordinary consumer groups.


Now is the vertical and horizontal stage of vape pens. With proper product operation, the management of vape pens is becoming more and more standardized. Therefore, the current vape pens are all on the market, and the quality is more guaranteed, so everyone’s understanding of vape pens is getting deeper and deeper! However, e-cigarette pens are still harmful. If there is no smoking age for a long time, it is recommended that you can change other methods in the case of quitting smoking. The transition does not require the use of an e-cigarette pen.