buy custom made vape coils

Are you looking for customization of vape accessories, we are a manufacturer specializing in vapes, all our electronic cigarette products are independently developed, our factory is in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, we all know vapes all over the world Cigarette manufacturers are basically in China.
We have a professional team of vape designers and a team of vape structural engineers, with professional vape research and development and vape design capabilities respectively. In terms of vape design, we have designed several popular models. Not only that, we have more than 100,000-level purification workshops, and the workshop requirements fully meet the standards of electronic cigarette production workshops.
We are committed to producing high-quality vapes and providing first-class vape products or accessories to the world. We provide customers with one-stop solutions. All products are professionally certified and can be used with confidence. Products are exported to more than 70 countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, Germany, and France.

Many dealers customize our vapes and they trust us a lot.

If you need buy custom made vape coils, we are a professional manufacturer, please email us.


buy custom made vape coils process:

What is the cooperation process of vape parts customization?
1. Quote
①Customers provide electronic cigarette drawings (format: CAD, PDF, STP) or samples. The following information on the drawing is clear: processing quantity, material, precision tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements. The company can make appropriate modifications or designs to the drawings according to customer needs. .
②The vape quotation time (the fastest is given within 5 minutes, the slowest is 24 hours, except for special circumstances). When you receive the drawings or samples of vapes, you must reply to the customer.
2. Price
Negotiate with customers and promise to do our best to provide lower prices for vapes. But price is not the only factor of our service, quality, delivery time, after-sale service and service attitude are equally important.
3. Quality
①Equipment guarantee: We are a physical factory with complete vape equipment, including lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, wire cutting (fast, slow), CNC (turning, milling), engraving machines, etc.
②Quality inspection personnel: There are special personnel to conduct relevant inspections on electronic cigarette parts
③Service team: arrange a professional vape person in charge of follow-up
4. Delivery date
①Production time: The merchandiser will follow up the whole process. If the delivery date changes, communicate and negotiate with the customer 2 days in advance;
②Logistics delivery: Due to the heavy weight of mechanical products, the delivery method needs to be negotiated by both parties. For relatively small products, express delivery is generally the main way.
5. After-sales of vapes
After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, we will first analyze where the problem lies. If it is our processing error, we will arrange for a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If it is due to the buyer’s wrong drawings If the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. Any problem can be solved satisfactorily through communication and negotiation until you are satisfied.