where to buy a custom vape mod?

Hello, are you looking for vape customization? Our Chinese vape manufacturer can choose customization according to your requirements. We support OEM/ODM customization. Welcome to our factory for consultation.
Regarding the customization of vapes, you can provide us with the styles to be done, or let our product designers serve you. We have professional product designers who can completely customize 1:1 according to your requirements.
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. We all know that China is the largest exporter of vapes, and the export sales of electronic cigarettes account for 90% of the world. So our customized vapes are professional.



Most foreign e-cigarette dealers will choose vape customization. 90% of e-cigarettes are made in China. China’s vape manufacturers are all in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Shenzhen has a large number of vape manufacturers. If you want to choose vape customization, you must choose to customize in China.
There are many vape manufacturers in China. How to choose a reliable vape manufacturer has become the biggest problem for distributors.
What are the characteristics of reliable vape manufacturers? The so-called reliability, is a good product and good service.
There are many problems with the products produced by bad manufacturers, which will even affect future sales. The product experience is poor, there are many security problems, and the delivery may not be timely. Therefore, when choosing a customized supplier of vapes, you must choose carefully.
How to choose the right vape manufacturer?
#1: Choose a long-established foundry
#2: Look at the size of the factory
#3: Choose based on product quality and product richness
#4: Look at factory R&D strength
#5: Choose Service Capabilities Based on Demand
If the selected vape manufacturers have these conditions, they can cooperate.