custom branding disposable vape pen wholesale.

Online customization of disposable vapes. We support the use of your own brand. We are a supplier specializing in vapes. Every year, our factory exports a large number of vapes. These vapes are rarely damaged during sale, so please contact us if you need custom or wholesale vapes.
Generally speaking, we have stock of common vapes. If you need to customize, please think about the type of vape you want before customizing. It would be even better if there were pictures of vapes. Our designers will make 1:1 customization according to the pictures you provide.
Welcome to our factory to order vape products. We have high quality requirements for vapes, and there are many styles. As long as the quantity is large, we can customize it.



custom branding disposable vape pen wholesale
custom branding disposable vape pen wholesale

Here I will briefly talk about several main components of vapes:

1. Battery, the cost of this is relatively high, there are also cheap batteries, secondary batteries and the like, although cheap, but there is a greater chance of appearing The instantaneous power supply is insufficient, and the insufficient power supply will cause the atomization to be delayed when inhaling, and occasionally a puff of oil will be pumped into the mouth. This user experience is very poor, and the number of puffs may also be insufficient due to insufficient power.

2. Atomizer, if the effect of the atomizer is not good, the taste in the mouth will not be good, and it will also cause a mouthful of oil. Our own patented technology, the effect is better

3. E-liquid, e-liquid is also divided into grades. We use better e-liquid, which is about half more expensive per kilogram than other brands. Whether it is taste or throat hit, it is of a good grade. Customers will come back higher rate.

Our company mainly exports abroad, strict quality control, welcome cooperation。

We are an vapes manufacturer in China, welcome to customize.