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What is the difference between vape manufacturers and agents?

In recent years, more and more customers have bought vape products, and they have encountered more and more problems. Many vape dealers do not know who is the agent and who is the manufacturer. Let me share with you below. Some small experiences in finding vape manufacturers.
1. Check whether the products on the vape website have the same style as your other products. Generally, agents will not only represent one product, so there will be many types of products on the website.
2. Look at the address of the other party. The address of many agents is different from the address of the factory. Generally, the address of the factory is definitely the factory.
3. Under normal circumstances, agents do not know much about vape-related issues, so as long as you can ask a few professional questions (even if you don’t understand yourself), if you express it very unprofessional, it may prove to be an agent.
4. Under normal circumstances, the price of the agent will definitely be much higher than the price of the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, the price of the manufacturer is directly sold by the factory, so the price will definitely be lower. The agent needs to increase the price on the price of the factory, so The price will definitely be a lot more expensive.