wholesale disposable vape pens

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Our vape production has six advantages
One-stop wholesale customization of disposable vapes:
We are a high-quality vape factory in China with one-stop service. If you come to our factory to wholesale disposable vape pens, we will provide you with the best quality service, so that you can rest assured and satisfied.
Professional vape equipment:
We have the most advanced vape manufacturing equipment in foreign countries, all equipment adopts intelligent management, which can quickly meet the production needs of customers.
vape working team:
There are 8 engineers with more than five years of experience, 18 vape quality inspectors with more than 5 years of experience, and a professional vape sales team. If you have any questions, you can come to us at any time.
vape quality certification system
We adopt a first-class management system to ensure the quality and production efficiency of vape production. The factory has been strictly following the iso quality management system to improve the team and products since its establishment. We only provide customers with the best vape products.
Rapid production of vapes:
In order to save time and make our responsibility, we will use the fastest way to provide products to customers, of course, under the premise of ensuring product quality.
Global vape Manufacturers
We have been producing vape products for many years, with thousands of vape partners, and our products are sold all over the world.






ur disposable vape factory covers an area of ​​4,500 square meters and currently has more than 200 employees, of which high and intermediate technicians account for 20% of the total number. The company has modern workshops and dust-free purification workshops. The company puts quality first and strives for excellence For the purpose, adhere to the policy of high starting point, high technology and high quality, introduce advanced disposable vape production equipment from home and abroad, and strive to continuously improve our technical level to ensure that we provide customers with stable and high-quality products and services on time and efficiently. , implement strict standardized management of raw materials, production, processing and sales, and constantly explore the management mode that suits its own development needs.

The company has sales department, engineering department, product design department, inspection department, finance department, personnel department and other functional departments, and has advanced vape manufacturing equipment.
We have a first-class management system. The company has strictly followed the ISO quality management system to improve the team since its establishment. We only provide customers with the most meticulous and secure service and high-quality products.
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