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Customer Testimonials: (Global Vape Wholesale)

I am relatively familiar with the vape market. I’m an vape dealer, so I often wholesale vapes. The other day, I did some research on the vape market. I hope this research is helpful to you.

The global vape market has grown rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, vape sales in 2019-2020 increased from $11 billion to $12.6 billion. With the advent of vapes, regular cigarettes were replaced little by little.

European and American vape sales are the main force in global vape sales, and it is expected that in the next few years, Europe and the United States will still be the main force.

The development of vapes in recent years has caused many people to give up ordinary cigarettes. Ordinary cigarettes can cause great harm to the body during use. As an alternative to regular cigarettes, vapes can vape non-nicotine liquids. Thereby producing the same effect as vapes. The point is that the harm of vapes is negligible. Many people think that e-cigarettes are great. After using it for a while, they successfully quit smoking. And no more vaping.

The vape market is huge, so many people started to enter the vape market, mainly dealers. Many dealers profit from vapes, but dealers are often worried that they cannot wholesale good vapes. I suggest looking for vape wholesalers in China, because most of the vapes on the market are made by Chinese manufacturers, so Chinese manufacturers are Professional, we can wholesale to good quality in China.