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Testimonials from customers: (e cigarette supplier and manufacturer)

Hello everyone, I am an electronic cigarette lover, and I am also a distributor of electronic cigarettes like everyone else. I was invited by the manufacturer to give a speech. Next, I will tell you my experience of wholesale electronic cigarettes, I hope it helps everyone.
Wholesale buying experience:
First: check product quality
In the process of wholesale e-cigarettes, it is very important to check the quality of e-cigarettes. For example, if I go to the mall to buy e-cigarettes, don’t buy e-cigarettes because of their appearance. Check, we are not buying an electronic cigarette, we are wholesale electronic cigarettes, so we should carefully observe whether there is a problem。

Second: product comparison
When looking for electronic cigarette manufacturers, be sure to choose a number of manufacturers for comparison, product quality and price, under normal circumstances, the same product can also be found in another manufacturer, so it is best to choose After the product, be sure to ask the manufacturer to provide a sample. A sample does not cost much, and at most it is a waste of freight, which is tens of dollars. After the sample is sent back, compare the appearance and price of the product, and then decide to purchase. (A good supplier can make your sales soar)
Third: Look at the manufacturer’s service
I think the quality of an e-cigarette manufacturer depends on whether their service is high-quality. In the face of good service, even if the quality of the product is a little bit worse, it can make you feel happy and make you have no worries after buying the product, And generally speaking, the manufacturer’s service is good, and the product is also good.