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How can a novice order vapes wholesale?

Many newbies are confused when they order vapes wholesale for the first time. How can they choose good vape products? I believe that many dealers who do vapes have such questions when they first customize them. So what should we do to wholesale good vape products? Don’t worry, I have compiled some information on how to wholesale vapes, I hope it can be helpful to you.
I was also an vape dealer before, and I made a lot of mistakes in ordering wholesale vapes, and now I share my experience with you.
1. Choose an vape manufacturer in China
Ninety percent of the world’s vapes are made by Chinese vape manufacturers, and the price of vapes produced in China is relatively cheap.
2. Choose an vape factory with good service
In fact, there are many vape factories in China, some of which are of good quality and some are of poor quality, but when choosing an vape factory, you must choose a manufacturer with good service, so that it will be much more convenient to buy wholesale vapes in the future.
3. Be sure to buy samples before wholesale.
vape samples are very important. Choose a few more vape products, and then buy a few samples to go home to observe, and find out the manufacturers with good quality and cheap price for cooperation.
4. Observe whether the knowledge of sales is professional.
General factory sales will be more professional in terms of vapes. It is usually easy to observe.