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pods ecig wholesalepods ecig wholesale

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Disposable electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes with detachable cartridges, which is better?
As an experienced dealer, I often deal with e-cigarette enthusiasts, and of course know many manufacturers of e-cigarettes. I am familiar with e-cigarettes. There are many types of electronic cigarettes, and each one is suitable for different people. One of the most popular on the market is the disposable e-cigarette. Of course, this is just mass fashion. There are also some locals who don’t like disposable e-cigarettes. For example, in China, many people still prefer electronic cigarettes that can defuse bombs. Many dealers don’t know how to wholesale e-cigarettes at first.

Today, I will tell you the advantages of both products.
Advantages of disposable electronic cigarettes:
1. It is more convenient to use, can be put in the pocket, can be used anytime and anywhere, and smells more fragrant than ordinary cigarettes.
2. Disposable electronic cigarettes are more economical.
3. There is no need to replace the ink cartridge at any time, and there is no need to worry about the clip being lost after purchase.
4. Don’t worry about oil leakage

Advantages of using detachable pods:
1. Easy to carry, no need to carry a lot of cigarette rods.
2. You can change the flavor at any time
3. Can be recharged multiple times and can be used indefinitely
4. It is good for the environment.