Wholesale E-cigarette Suppliers

We are a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes in Shenzhen, China, and have the most advanced electronic cigarette manufacturing equipment and professional electronic cigarette mold research and development team. All our electronic cigarette materials are of the highest quality, and the products produced are beautiful in appearance. , the use effect is better.
The imported electronic cigarette raw materials are selected to meet the international quality system certification. The electronic cigarette has a glossy surface, a good feel and a low defect rate.

We are a factory specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes. We have specialized electronic cigarette production, engineering, pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale teams. We have a complete production process for electronic cigarettes, strictly control the quality of electronic cigarettes, and ensure that every product is are high quality.

We have specially set up an electronic cigarette production team to provide one-stop service from electronic cigarette production design to product delivery, ensuring that all products strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly control the defective rate of products to a minimum.
Why buy electronic cigarettes wholesale in our factory.

1. We have 3000 square meters of electronic cigarette production base
2. Samples can be made quickly.
3. One-stop service for quick response.

Welcome to our factory for consultation, our factory has a variety of products and supports customized wholesale.


Four reasons to choose our vape:

The 3,000-square-meter vape production base produces 4 million vapes per month.
1. YUPUZ is an vape product company specializing in production, design, research and development and sales.
2. vape manufacturers have complete production equipment, more than 20 vape processing machines, strong production capacity and guaranteed quality.
Rapid sample production:
1. YUPUZ has a professional vape scientific production system, which can quickly produce samples according to customer requirements.
2. Professional wholesale production of vapes, the products are manufactured by experienced masters, we have specialized vape designers, support ODM/OEM
Strict production requirements, product defect rate is less than 1%:
1. Each of our vape products uses the highest quality raw materials, green environmental protection and high performance.
2. The product quality is guaranteed, and the defective rate is controlled at 1%
3. We have special quality inspectors to carry out quality inspection and strict inspection to ensure that the product quality is 100% qualified.
One-stop service for quick problem solving:
1. We have a professional elite service team, one-to-one technical guidance before and after sales.
2. On sale: provide complete order follow-up service.
3. After-sales service: 7*24 hours service to solve technical problems for you.