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What are the precautions for choosing an electronic cigarette manufacturer as an OEM?

As the modern division of labor becomes more and more clear, more and more vape brands are more inclined to outsource the production of their own products to others, which is what we often call OEM factories? For newbies who are looking for an vape OEM for the first time, or companies who don’t know much about the vape industry, I hope to help everyone. Things to pay attention to when looking for an vape manufacturer as an OEM are:

1. Find an vape manufacturer with guaranteed quality

When some brands choose OEM vape manufacturers, in order to maximize profits and reduce product costs, they are more price-oriented. However, as the saying goes, you get what you get for every penny. For many OEM vape manufacturers, the resulting products are very different from the expected ones. Granted, price is an important selection factor, but it should not be price-driven.

2. Look for vape manufacturers with high production efficiency
A foundry with high production efficiency can greatly shorten the production cycle of products, which is conducive to faster occupation and opening of the market, while improving the turnover rate of products and reducing market risks.

3. Look for vape manufacturers whose production qualifications meet national standards
The production qualification of OEM vape manufacturers directly affects the quality of later products. If the qualification of the foundry is not complete, it means that the vape manufacturer does not meet the national production requirements, and the quality of the products produced cannot be guaranteed.

4. Find an vape manufacturer with research and development capabilities

Today’s consumers have higher and higher requirements for the efficacy of products, which also requires vape manufacturers to make diversified requirements in the provision of product functions. In order to meet the needs of consumers, an OEM factory with a professional, long-term study on market needs and able to make different product formulas will be more popular with customers.