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Hello everyone, I’m an vape dealer, I saw them on the website because I was looking for a manufacturer that makes vape kits, because I want to wholesale a batch in my country For sale, so I found them, I was still quite afraid, I was afraid that their quality was not good, so I bought it for the first time, I didn’t buy much, I just bought more than one hundred vape kits, products When I came back, I was very excited and at the same time I was very worried, I opened the package during this time, I was so happy, the packaging was so beautiful, I think my client must like the look of him.
I tried to open a package and saw my customized vape. Yes, the vape I purchased this time was customized, including the shape of the vape , which I also drew myself, so I felt very cool. At the same time, I tried to use the vape, the smoke is big, and it feels very comfortable to hold in my hand, so I am very satisfied with the wholesale vape this time,

I am not only an vape dealer, but also an vape collector. I like to collect all kinds of vapes. There are many vapes in my home, but only this one is the most special because it One was designed by me.

Summary: I wholesale vapes in this factory in 2021, I have bought them here many times now, my customers like them very much, this is a very good manufacturer of vapes, I think the wholesale price is very reasonable and can be customized , You can also use your own brand. All the e-cigarettes I buy from their factory use their own brand.