custom vape pens wholesale

YUPUZ is a manufacturer specializing in vape pen wholesale, vape manufacturing, vape pen customization, and vape research and development. We can design products according to requirements, and can also customize according to samples. We provide vape pen OEM/ODM for all new and old customers. Service, we have a professional vape pen research and development team, which can meet any requirements of customers. With our professional e-cigarette manufacturer level, our products are loved by many customers. At present, our company’s products are all over the world such as Europe and the United States.
Since its establishment, the factory has always adhered to its own philosophy: service first, quality first
We are committed to providing customers with satisfactory e-cigarette products and high-quality e-cigarette services, and insist on tailoring reasonable e-cigarette solutions for all vape pen customers. In the future, we will always consider the actual needs of customers and provide customers with satisfactory vapes.

If you want to do customized wholesale of vapes, please contact us, we provide one-stop vape pen service, so that you have no worries.



The customization of vape pens requires skills. According to different regions and different groups of people, purchasing different vape pen products can achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. Next, let me tell you how to customize vape pen products.
What to pay attention to in gift customization wholesale:
1. Pay attention to the region where vape are used
2. Pay attention to the budget of vape pen customization
3. Pay attention to the ability of manufacturers to customize
4. Pay attention to the service capabilities of vape pen manufacturers