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Want to wholesale vapes, still troubled by finding a good supplier? We are a Chinese vape factory. The vapes we produce are mainly exported. Provide high-quality products to vape shops. We regularly offer new products to shop owners. Each new product is a type that the public likes after market research. We provide store owners with a steady stream of new products to ensure that the products displayed in each store are attractive.

Not only that, we also have professional sales staff to provide you with the best service. You can contact our sales staff by email or other means, and they will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each vape from the most professional perspective. We also have excellent designers at your service. If you need custom products, or you need us to draw your drawings, we are all there for you.

Welcome to our wholesale website, we provide you with one-stop service. Let you buy with confidence and satisfaction.


Testimonials: (wholesale vape shop)

I am the manager of an vape shop. I often go to wholesale vapes. I have been in the vape industry for many years. There are not many people who have just opened an vape shop. In recent years, with the popularity of vapes, more and more people have begun to smoke vapes. Many people are worried about finding a store, so how should we find it?

In fact, finding a store is easy. Today I will share with you how I found an vape shop.

Here are some tips for finding a store:

1. Go straight to the street. This is the most traditional method. According to the characteristics of electronic cigarettes, we can find the places with the most traffic. Vape shops don’t need to be big. Just find a small shop that looks more conspicuous. .

2. Pay attention to the address of the store, the location of the whole street, the size of the house, the price, and whether the budget is within your own budget.
3. Understand the rental situation around the store and determine the price of your upcoming store. Don’t rent blindly.

4. Confirm the identity of the lessor. In many cases, making payments without knowing the identity of the lessor can easily be defrauded.

5. According to the people who buy vapes, analyze which street is suitable.

6. Talk about low prices first, then talk about high prices, which can improve confidence.