wholesale vaping supply

years of cooperation with each raw material supplier, so the raw materials we use are trustworthy, YUPUZ is a factory specializing in the production of vapes, mainly for distributors, every year there are many from all over the world. dealers come to our factory for wholesale. We have worked with many big brands. We have a first-class production team and professional designers. We are a quality supplier in China. All types of vapes are carefully crafted by our team. We never miss any detail to make sure the product is flawless. Every vape is a unique product for our team. Our service targets are dealers. For dealers, we will help customers solve problems with a positive attitude. We believe that the customer is God.

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Wholesale vape Supply

Customer Evaluation: (Wholesale vape Supply)

Hello everyone, I am also an vape dealer. I was invited here. Today I will tell you how to establish friendly cooperative relationship between suppliers and distributors.

In today’s society, many times if you want to start a business and make money, you need partners. Like a biological chain, interconnected, such as the relationship between suppliers and distributors. Suppliers come for development and distributors come for profit. How can suppliers and distributors be fair? I think everyone must find a suitable partner before cooperating, which probably includes the following points.

1. Details of suppliers and distributors?

2. Suppliers’ requirements for distributors include: confirming the quantity and quality of vapes purchased in wholesale.

3. Requirements for distributors from suppliers: strong financial ability, strong promotion ability, no non-performing loan record, and potential for development.

Of course, the supplier’s responsibility is not only to provide products, but also occasionally needs to help dealers meet performance goals.